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IVP 3,3 M Gold


Performances of single phase or vacuuming steam generators, normally, decrease consistently while continuous duty. With our technology, steam is at 6 bar (158°C) even after 5 minutes of continuous work: performances much higher than any other machine of the same category.
After closing the steam gun, steam pressure and temperature return to top values in few seconds.

  • Satured steam at 9 bar at a temperature of 175°C
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Pivoting wheels with brakes, suitable for use in food processing area.
  • The boiler can be refilled from the tank provided (continuous duty).
  • Device for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam.
  • Steam gun with low tension control
  • Heating and activation time required: 7 min.