• OMBUSTIBLE DUST WITH ATEX APPROVED SOLUTIONS, such as dust collectors, extraction arms, industrial vacuum cleaners and explosion isolation flap valves for a safer environment. click for more details
  • DENTAL AEROSOLS SUCTION which exhaust the aerosol reduce the risk of cross-infection and cross-contamination. click for more details
  • DURABLE INDUSTRIAL HOSE REELS AND INDUSTRIAL CABLE REELS with excellent performance no matter the circumstance and with 10 year warranty. click for more details
  • DUST COLLECTION AND CLEANING with air purification solutions for any industrial processes generating contamination to the air or in the facilities in form of dust and particles. click for more details
  • EXHAUST EXTRACTION SOLUTIONS for the automotive sector for all types of vehicles – from cars to heavy vehicles. click for more details
  • ODOUR AND GAS EXTRACTION especially suitable for capturing pollutants as close to the source as possible. click for more details
  • OIL MIST COLLECTION AND FILTRATION are designed for continuous operations in demanding airflow applications. click for more details
  • WELDING FUME AND DUST EXTRACTION SOLUTIONS to improve the safety and efficiency of metal fabrication and cutting processes. click for more details