Floor Care


code 5131

(Recommended for surfaces from 3.000 to 5.000 m2)

  • Braking system with double drum on rear wheels
  • Electronically controlled speed by an electric chart with a 300Amps
  • The electric suction fan is placed on the filter compartment (clearer separation between the suction part and engine compartment)
  • Polyester version M-class sack filter
  • Filter Cleaning obtained by an electric vibrator
  • Easily handled, because of great diameter super elastic anti-trace wheels
  • Main brush and side brush are replaceable without using tools
  • Dust container capacity 115 litres
  • Protection front disks in anti-trace gum
  • Front working lights and flashing lights
  • Ergonomic commands / Claxon
  • Adjustable seat / Hour counter
  • Battery level indicator

 E78 model characteristics:

  • Traction is obtained by frontal electro-motor wheel with 1.200 W 3ph AC vertical motor, this permits maximum angle rotation during steering
  • E78 can rotate on itself, so it’s possible use it for clean in limited spaces (2 meters)


  • Overhead protection
  • Front dust conveyor
  • Cartridge filter version with polyester washable filters
  • Left side brush

 Batteries options:

  • 6V 205Ah c5 – 2h running time
  • 24V 240Ah c5 – 3h running time
  • 24V 320Ah c5 – 5h running time

Information Sheet/s






E78 is produced in two different typologies: first model, E78 with handling discharge of dust container; second model E78 DSA, with automatic discharge of dust container, high 145 cm from the ground. The chosen technical solutions and characteristics put E78 at the top position in the market range of the actual produced machines, with a remarkable quality / price relation. This machine has all standard features such as an electrically welded iron frame, painted in oven with epossidic dust paint.