Hot Pressure Washers


code 2625 

Equipped with:

  • 3ph model 15-200 bar
  • Interpump high pressure pump
  • In line oversized 3 ceramic pistons pump that will never operate at full capacity assuring longevity
  • The pump-motor connection is by elastic coupling
  • Rotomolded structure and stainless steel hood
  • 12 liter detergent tank
  • 20 liter water tank
  • 24 liter fuel tank
  • 9 liter anti-scale tank
  • High performances S1 service electric motor that can continuously operate at full power and constant temperature (no overheating)
  • the security system is assured by a micro-switch, a pressure switch and a flow switch
  • Fuel filtration system (pre-filter, cartridge filter, self-cleaning immersion filter)
  • An extremely efficient boiler (efficiency 91%)
  • Hour meter and flame failure control
  • 15m HP hose
  • Lance, gun. nozzle

IITS system (Intelligent Timed Total Stop)

  1. Power on
  2. Pump on – stop for water lack (quickly flashing light) stop for micro leaks or for 60min operating in total stop (slowly flashing light)
  3. Burner on – burner stop by means of the flame control system with photocell (flashing light)
  4. Lack of descaler – the light is on in case of lack of product
  5. Lack of fuel – with burner stop

Information Sheet/s

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