Steam Washers


code 2010

Equipped with: 

  • Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
  • Auxiliary motor for burner
  • Discharge valve: allows a complete discharge of the boiler
  • Temperature regulator: the temperature is set-up by an electronic regulator
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Low fuel lamp
  • Integrated detergent tank with detergent delivery controller by the gun
  • Double pipe gasoil pump
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Unit can be continually refilled
  • 10m Hose
  • Straight lance without nozzle
  • 3 brushes kit
  • Battery charger 230 v-50Hz and steam nozzle (Steamtec Battery code 2011)
  • Standard with double guns for 2 operators and steam nozzle (Steamtec Dual code 2013)

Information Sheet/s






Steamtec is a portable steam generator with a diesel fuel boiler. Unlimited autonomy thanks to no-stop water tank refilling. It does not leave any residues after cleaning. Major water saving (over 90%) compared to normal high-pressure systems. Allows sanitisation tasks thanks to the combined use of steam and detergents. The operator does not require special protective overalls and protective masks.

Portability: it does not need to be connected neither to the water supply because it is equipped with a water tank, nor to the electrical supply (cordless model) because it has a diesel fuel boiler. It is easy to move around, easy to use, and ready to use.